Medical Doctor, WA

“I had the wonderful opportunity to start working with Kirsty during a very difficult time in my life. I had lost both of my parents in the span of 6 months and the situation around their deaths was very complicated. Once all the stress and suffering was over for them I was left in a very numb and disconnected state. While this was to be expected, I didn’t recognize how this was affecting me physically and emotionally. Kirsty was able to dive into my world and help me unravel all the tangled messes that I had accumulated throughout my lifetime. She had found a “lifetime of tears unshed.” She helped me understand by allowing myself to truly grieve the losses I had experienced, I could finally release the hold they had on my body and move on. Kirsty was able to clear a path for me to do this in the most gentle and loving way. I had accomplished more in those 2 sessions than I had in any other type of therapeutic work. In addition to myself, she has helped many of my patients who are chronically ill uncover the root sources of their illnesses. Her work augments and enhances any traditional medical treatment. I recommend Kirsty to anyone wanting to live their best possible life.”

James, ON

“I’d never really met a Shaman before and so I never expected one could entirely change my world. I was in a dark place for many reasons and I was beginning to lose myself. I don’t pretend to understand the power Kirsty is tapped into, but I do know that it is universal and profound. Through Kirsty’s healing sessions and kind words and insightful wisdom the darkness that once had its hooks so deeply in me was gently replaced with love and light. Love and light is the pathway I now choose to walk. I owe that to Kirsty and to my daughter who introduced us in the first place.”

Carmen, WA

“I met Kirsty when I was in a serious health crisis. I had been struggling with Lyme disease for ten years, along with various other types of coinfections, metal toxicity, body pain, and chronic fatigue. Kirsty not only helped me understand the root of many (if not all) of my ailments, she also helped me detox a great deal of this unhelpful energy out. She brought a clarity and an understanding to my system that allowed me to partake in the shifting of chronic illness into a more peaceful and healing state. She taught me how to find the wisdom in the suffering and how to learn from and listen to the challenges that present themselves in my life in order to shift the experiences and grow from them. She taught me how to tune into my own system and trust myself to find the answers I’d been searching for externally. Kirsty has illuminated a beauty and a power that exists within the human consciousness, and her lessons have been the greatest blessing and most profound form of healing I have ever experienced to this day.”

Teresa, MEX

“Al principio estaba un poco dudosa con un chamán blanco pero cuando Kirsty me dio la primer sesión me dí cuenta de su vasto conocimiento ancestral y de sabiduría indígena. No únicamente me ha ayudado con el dolor que sufría físicamente en mi rodilla y codo sino que también lo ha hecho en el plano espiritual con traumas y miedos que me impedían seguir adelante y no tenía idea o manera de cómo curar. Kirsty me ha enseñado otra forma de vivir gracias a la compasión y generosidad con que lleva a cabo su trabajo. Me alegra tanto haberla encontrado sin antes mencionar que habla perfecto español.”

Courtney, BC

“I was offered a session with Kirsty as a gift and it was priceless. I'm a veteran with PTSD and trusting people doesn't come easy to me sometimes. Her presence is instantaneously grounding... Like a living breathing sedative. I felt safe and supported in every breath. I've done all kinds of therapies on my healing path and return to function and working with this healer was so incredibly different than anything I've ever tried before. If you're stuck and you need something to shift from within, go to her for help. She's really good at what she does."

Elaine, BC

“On hearing that Kirsty had healed herself of Lyme disease after a long and arduous journey through body, mind, and spirit work, I decided to once again embark on my own healing through another avenue, a shamanic approach. In the past thirty-five years, I had endeavored to return to my original healthy state of being. I had depleted my resources of eastern medicine, western medicine, chiropractic, acupuncture, drugs, meditation....and finally, I simply became resigned that this was my life path. To be constantly unwell, unfit, filled with guilt over being a burden to my husband, I was resigned to being exhausted and depressed. But, something inside me never wanted to give up and so I approached Kirsty and, from our first session in March 2019, until the present day we have together uncovered treasure! Kirsty takes us on a magical carpet ride whereupon we are able to see ourselves clearly and assist our body in its recovery.

Kirsty has a soft, intelligent compassion which is immediately calming and instills trust. I am now excited about my present and my future and I feel more in control than I ever have felt about my life and my body.

My natural state of joy has returned and I intend to continue this wonderful work with her as I grow into the person I was always meant to be.”

Alex, BC

"I received my first session from Kirsty a few days before I went in for surgery. Our session not only strengthened and prepared my body to handle the surgery extremely well, but also gave me insight into the purpose the surgery served on my spiritual journey and the messages my body was communicating to me through the process.

My recovery went very smoothly, and I have no doubt that it was significantly less painful and stressful than it would have been if I hadn't received that session from Kirsty. She is an amazing energy healer, and I've continued to work with her ever since. I'm so grateful for her intuitive insight and the profound shamanic healing she provides. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a healer who is skillful at addressing physical and emotional issues on an energetic level."

Mariana, MEX

“Durante muchos años sentí que llevaba un peso enorme sobre mis hombros, tristemente los seres humanos nos acostumbramos a todo, inclusive a lo malo, además no entendía muchos aspectos de las situaciones que vivía en lo cotidiano, tenía la esperanza de que algo o alguien me ayudaría a transformar todo aquello y al tener la maravillosa oportunidad de estar en contacto con Kirsty, escuchar su apacible voz, sus palabras tranquilizadoras, transformaron desde la primera sesión mi sentir y causó un gran impacto en lo más profundo de mí y en mi vida, ya que empezó a realizarse una metamorfosis, Kirsty me guío dirigiéndome hacia el descubrimiento de lo valioso que habitaba en el interior de mi ser, cada respiración fue un paso más hacia la liberación de aquellas energías que durante años encadenaron mi alma, mis emociones y no me permitieron vivir en plenitud.

Su vasta experiencia la llevó a reconocer hacia donde debía enfocarse para que paulatinamente se terminara mi pesar, y sintiera algo parecido a un renacer en este mundo.
Mi infinito agradecimiento a su generosa ayuda ya que realiza una labor llena de sabiduría, espiritualidad y amor.”


“For many years, I felt like I was carrying a huge weight on my shoulders, sadly all humans get used to everything, including the bad things. Besides, I couldn’t understand many aspects of the situations that I was living in my day to day life, I was hopeful that someone or something would help me to transform all that and by having the marvelous opportunity of being in contact with Kirsty, hearing her peaceful voice, her calming and assuring words, transforming my feelings from the first session, and causing a big impact in even the depths of my being and in my life. This happened because a metamorphosis was beginning, Kirsty guided me towards the discovery of everything valuable that resided within me, every breath was a step closer towards liberation from those energies that for years chained my soul, my emotions, and wouldn’t allow me to live at my fullest.

Her ample experience guided her to realizing where to focus so I would gradually feel the weight being lifted and something similar to rebirth in this world.
My infinite gratefulness to her generous help, she performs a task full of wisdom, spirituality, and love.”

Sadie, WA

“Kirsty lead me into myself. Unknowingly I had become home to the two of them, even though I never said come in. Guided by her sounds I saw them with my closed eyes and open heart and acknowledged their stories. In proper time she whistled and they followed, leaving me alone to take my first step in decades by myself, and in awe.”

Brenda, UK

"My year on dieta with Kirsty has been probably the most productive and beneficial chunks of healing that I have undertaken in my life, resulting in the biggest and most profound shifts to date and yet all done so very gently so it all felt incredibly easy.

The way Kirsty works is phenomenal and the combination of her deep wisdom and powerful healing creates an incredible alchemy bringing very real change and healing. She has unlimited patience in explaining things ad infinitum and also she has immense capacity for holding the space with a gentle but strong compassion helped me find my way through a myriad of different situations. I really felt safe with her, and there was never a hint of judgement - instead she helped me to see difficult events in different ways and her words, as well as energy healing, have truly brought about transformation and empowerment. Kirsty has a fantastic ability to teach me how to melt away more difficult emotions to hold - such as shame, fear, regret, bringing me in to acceptance.

I now find myself in a space that I never thought I would. I see my past, not as a series of disappointments and embarrassments but actually a series of events that I can look back at and smile, knowing that they brought me to where I am now and each event carries so much gold. I look forward to what might happen each day. I find forgiveness for myself and others and an increasing softness replacing my bitterness and anger. And the door of my future starts to open in a way that I am looking forward to endless possibilities as the world she introduced me to has so much potential.

I would wholeheartedly recommend dieta with Kirsty as everyone has the ability and opportunity to live a rich life, Kirsty can help you find the key to take you there."

Jessica and Connor, NC

“As a couple who have been dealing with complex chronic illnesses for more than a decade combined, we have found that the strengthening of our spirits have been the foundation of our healing journey. No matter what we did physically, we continued to suffer emotionally and mentally. We believe this was due to the traumatic experience of being chronically ill for such a long time. It's inevitable that at some point along our journey, we developed PTSD and according to our doctors, this is exactly what happens when a person becomes sick for such an extended amount of time. The human brain can only tolerate so much - the same goes for our hearts and spirits.

Then we met Kirsty. She opened our eyes, minds and hearts to true healing from within. We honestly don't believe now, that you can heal 100% without healing your spirit on an emotional level. Because no matter how much you "treat" and try to "fix" your body physically - with holistic treatments, supplements, herbs, and even pharmaceutical drugs, etc. - the trauma of it all is still trapped inside. Kirsty taught us to listen to our bodies. The funny thing is, we didn't even know our bodies were speaking to us! We thank God for Kirsty. She guided us through an empowering and beautiful journey, where we learned about ourselves. And she supported us while we unravelled the chaos and emotional upheaval and exhaustion we often felt.

If you are seeking healing from within that translates to healing on every level, Kirsty is the perfect guide, friend, teacher and spiritual coach that you could ask for. We are so grateful for her incredible gifts, guidance and insight. Thank you so much, Kirsty. From the bottom of our hearts, we love you immensely.”

Amelia, BC

"I have had the immense pleasure of working with Kirsty over many years in various settings, from mentorship to healing sessions for specific issues and symptoms. Kirsty’s gentle, calm and knowledgeable guidance have been paramount in my holistic growth and healing. I have been impressed with Kirsty’s ability to support my growth while maintaining a high standard of ethical guidelines that value consent. Kirsty emanates genuine compassion for whatever imbalance I may be having and has been imperative to offering me insight into my own innate healing capabilities. With Kirsty’s expertise I have become more aligned and in balance with my mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of myself. Kirsty has had many years of training from shamanic practitioners and masters from around the world and her skills and gifts, along with her own wisdom, has helped to guide me and provide me with focus on my own journey to complete wellness. I would highly recommend Kirsty’s client-centered approach for anyone seeking insight, balance, and holistic healing. I look forward to continuing my work with Kirsty virtually and in person."

Sara, ON

“When I first met Kirsty, I wasn’t happy with my life or my health. I stopped getting my periods more then a year prior to our first appointment, and I was struggling with feeling as though I had lost myself entirely. Within one week of our first appointment, I had not only started my cycle again (something that my doctors seemed to fall short on in their ability to either help or comprehend what was going on), I began to feel a deeper connection to my true self- I had started to feel aligned within my own being and my own life. I began to understand the “whys” of things deemed inexplicable by western doctors, and I had begun to experience empowerment through this deeper level of connection Kirsty had introduced to me. She is the most incredible seer, teacher, and guide, and without her my life would be vastly less magical and harmonious. I will forever be grateful of Kirsty for the illumination and growth she has brought into my life.”

Maya, WA

“I am so thankful for my healing session with Kirsty. I've been dealing with my ailments for a long time, and I didn't know how to feel good. I learned to communicate and connect with my body through deep breathing and asking it questions. During my session, my right leg was twitching, so I put my left foot over my right one to stop the shaking. It was a profound experience. Kirsty informed me that the twitching of my leg was medicine and put me more at ease. Before my healing, I felt sick most of the time. I feel like a new person now! I have more energy, better health, and more vitality. I can work now, and that’s priceless! It's like night and day. Thank you, Kirsty! I highly recommend her if you’re feeling stuck and need to press the reset button!”