Current Course Offerings

Kirsty teaches a range of courses in which she shares the techniques she uses to support her clients on their journey back to full vitality. Each course has a strong focus on personal support and coaching alongside group-based learning. For more information on individual courses please see below.

Please note: All courses are fully booked for 2024. Spaces are available for 2025.


Soul Retrieval for Self-Healing and Growth

In this 50 hour course you will be guided in reconnecting with your internal knowing. You will learn to confidently navigate your internal landscape so that the compass you hold within can guide you forward in your life.

Through the concepts and materials in the course you will learn to identify wounds, beliefs and traumas that you no longer need to hold. You will learn to meet them with love and compassion and how to release them from your body. Once cleared from your system you will learn how to incorporate the love and beauty of their lessons and how use those lessons to step more fully into being yourself.

Your body will guide you in lovingly creating appropriate energetic boundaries where you can clearly identify what’s you and what isn’t you, what’s yours to carry and what isn’t. You will learn to turn up for yourself and for your loved ones in a way that is both gentle and strong.

Most importantly you will learn to do this all for yourself without the need for ongoing help from practitioners. This means you will be able to choose to nourish yourself with help in the future as a beautiful luxury rather than to fulfil a need.

This course uses somatic experiencing as the vehicle for connecting inwards for you to:

    • Navigate your internal space with ease and grace
    • Identify and heal episodes of soul loss and other traumas
    • Actively embrace the gifts and lessons you find along the way

You will supported through a combination of group, individual and self-directed learning, including:

    • 5 full day workshops
    • Regular group check-ins and mentoring
    • Regular shamanic journeys
    • A private healing session with Kirsty
    • A private mentoring session with Kirsty
    • Personal healing work

Please consider booking a healing session with Kirsty before deciding to do the course. This will allow you to ‘taste’ the work and ensure you feel confident in choosing this path for yourself. If you have any questions please reach out by email, sign up for a free 20 minute consultation, or alternatively you can go ahead and schedule a healing session.

Online Program begins January 2024.


Shamanic Training Program: First Heal Thyself

In this 100 hour training program you will embrace the internal navigation techniques Kirsty uses in her work. You will learn to:

    • Reconnect to your soul’s ancient wisdom
    • Heal old wounds
    • Nourish yourself from within

As you do so you will experience the transformational effects of remembering who you truly are and the joys of bringing ancient practices to your daily life.

In the program you will receive the seeds of initiation into an ancient healing lineage. Your actions and efforts in “first healing yourself” will grow these seeds in unique and beautiful ways.

You will be supported in your efforts through a combination of group and individual learning opportunities, including:

    • 10 one-day workshops
    • 5 personal healing sessions
    • 5 one-on-one coaching sessions
    • Ongoing mentoring and support

You will be encouraged to cultivate your unique gifts and weave together the strands of:

    • The medicine you are already working with, be it from other traditions, incidental learning or your formal education
    • The medicine of the land on which you live
    • The medicine of your heritage and ancestors

I look forward to walking beside you on your healing journey.

The 2023 Local and International teaching programs are already underway, please get in touch for 2024 course dates.

Shamanic Training Program: Practitioner Skills

For graduates of First Heal Thyself who are looking to continue their learning in a group environment you are invited to:

    • Deepen your internal practice
    • Bring your personal medicine into the world and
    • Learn how to safely and ethically share your gifts with others

Course content includes:

    • Energetic pathology, diagnosis and resolution
    • Dieting a teacher plant to develop your unique medicine directly from source
    • Honing your personal approach to client interactions so you can move into practice with confidence

Teaching and support will be tailored to your evolving needs as you continue to cultivate and connect to your personal medicine.

The 2023 Local and International teaching programs are already underway, please get in touch for 2024 course dates.