Shamanic practice is the art of listening to and acting upon the wisdom of your body.
An Introduction to Shamanic Practice

Shamanic practice means a lot of different things and varies widely between practitioners. In essence it provides a way for you to harness your body’s wisdom and to deeply connect with your intuitive knowledge about how to live in a way that feels good to you. If you are actively engaged in the management of your health but you have not yet achieved your health goals, you may find that shamanic practice is a beautiful addition to your existing healthcare regime.

This approach may be particularly helpful if you:

  • Are looking for a strengths-based approach to physical, mental, emotional or spiritual wellness that does not focus on diagnoses
  • Would like to create new habits and behaviours that will help you to thrive
  • Are contemplating a new direction or major life transition, including for those approaching the end of life
Kirsty’s unique approach, with its strong somatic focus, speaks directly to the importance of people taking ownership of their own journey and creating supportive teams of Western and alternative healthcare providers to help guide them on their path to total wellness.
Somatic Experiencing

Kirsty provides a safe and supportive environment in which your body can guide you in finding and releasing any old, unprocessed traumas that you are ready to let go. Through this very gentle process you will learn to recognize how your body has been working to keep you safe and how you, in return, can support it in letting go of anything and everything that it no longer needs.

Through the process of gently reconnecting to your body’s wisdom, you will become confident and adept at recognizing what is going on for you in any given moment, so that you are able to consciously choose your behaviour without becoming swept up in overpowering emotions. The process will allow you to master the art of listening to and acting upon the wisdom of your body.

Frequently asked questions

What does a session look like?
Kirsty works with individuals in a wide variety of ways, and the trajectory of a session will vary from client to client and from session to session. The common thread running through the work is that you will connect into your body and find and gently release whatever you are ready to let go of that day. Some sessions are more ‘shamanic’ in focus – where Kirsty works directly with your body’s bioelectrical system to identify, heal and release anything that may be distracting your body from functioning optimally. Others are more ‘somatic’ where Kirsty supports you in fostering a clear partnership with your body so that you can provide it exactly what it needs to bring you back to yourself. Under either approach, the focus is on strengthening your connection to your internal knowing so that you feel increasingly confident in taking charge of your own healing journey.
How long does a session last?
A session typically lasts 90 minutes, however it is recommended that you allow two hours in your schedule so that you don’t feel rushed and to give you some time to integrate the work before continuing with your day. Self care is an important investment and creating time for yourself is an invaluable part of that process.
I don’t live in Victoria, BC, are we able to work together?
Kirsty works with people by phone and has clients all over the world. Some people are hesitant about trying healing work at a distance. If that is how you feel my invitation to you is to open yourself to the possibility of trying one session and then deciding for yourself how it feels. People typically experience a profound shift in their readiness to work by distance once they have experienced working with Kirsty in this way.
How many sessions will I need?
The number of sessions a person wants or needs varies dramatically, but after your first session you should have a good idea of what feels right for you. Some people get everything they are looking for from a session or two, while others chose to work with Kirsty on an ongoing basis (for example weekly, biweekly or monthly). Either way, Kirsty’s focus is on supporting you to a place of autonomy where you become the architect of your own journey and feel confident using these techniques without needing Kirsty’s ongoing support.
Are you covered by my health insurance plan?
This type of practice is not currently covered by most health insurance plans. It does however represent a worthwhile investment in your health and Kirsty does provide tax and GST receipts.
Is your teaching right for me?
Only you can decide if one of my courses feels right for you. For most of my courses I ask that you have had a healing session with me before deciding to sign up. I work in a unique way and this provides you with an opportunity to ‘taste’ this modality before committing to the work. Once you have had this experience I recommend that you sit in meditation or quiet contemplation and ask your body to guide you in making your decision.