Kirsty’s unique approach to healing blends somatic therapy with shamanic practice. Kirsty firmly believes that the human body knows exactly what it needs to do to restore itself to balance and optimal health.

Kirsty supports her clients in connecting to their innate wisdom so that they can remember how to recognize and act upon the cues from their body. Through this process clients create the internal environment that they need to achieve their health goals and, in doing so, become their own best healers.

This approach is also hugely nourishing for people on a personal growth path who are seeking to expand their spiritual repertoire.


After an early career working as an economist Kirsty became severely disabled as a result of late stage Lyme disease. Her descent into disability left her largely non-functional. After finding that Western medicine was unable to help, she slowly – and somewhat reluctantly – opened up to a broader understanding of what medicine truly is. She started replacing pharmaceuticals with plant-based medicines and later she learned to act upon the internal messaging she was receiving about what her body needed to heal itself.

Supported by a wonderful team of medical and alternative practitioners she underwent a miraculous transformation. From being bedbound and severely cognitively impaired, Kirsty became 100% well and medication-free within two years. In that time Kirsty learned not only how to heal herself but also how to guide others through their own healing.

Since her remarkable recovery, Kirsty’s knowledge has been strengthened by working with traditional healers in Latin and North America and through quiet contemplation and connection to nature.

Medical Doctor, WA

“I had the wonderful opportunity to start working with Kirsty during a very difficult time in my life. I had lost both of my parents in the span of 6 months and the situation around their deaths was very complicated. Once all the stress and suffering was over for them I was left in a very numb and disconnected state. While this was to be expected, I didn’t recognize how this was affecting me physically and emotionally. Kirsty was able to dive into my world and help me unravel all the tangled messes that I had accumulated throughout my lifetime. She had found a “lifetime of tears unshed.” She helped me understand by allowing myself to truly grieve the losses I had experienced, I could finally release the hold they had on my body and move on. Kirsty was able to clear a path for me to do this in the most gentle and loving way. I had accomplished more in those 2 sessions than I had in any other type of therapeutic work. In addition to myself, she has helped many of my patients who are chronically ill uncover the root sources of their illnesses. Her work augments and enhances any traditional medical treatment. I recommend Kirsty to anyone wanting to live their best possible life.”


Kirsty works with people to foster physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Kirsty has a varied range of clients – from those looking for something more from their lives to people living with profound health challenges.

Many of Kirsty’s current clients are adults and children who are experiencing complex chronic illness. Her client’s conditions include: late stage Lyme disease, chronic fatigue (ME), chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, autism, anxiety, insomnia, cancer, addictions and substance misuse problems, people who have experienced abuse or intergenerational trauma, people with depression and mental health problems. Kirsty also works with a large number of military veterans experiencing PTSD and related conditions.

Kirsty typically begins working one on one with clients in individual healing sessions. Once they feel they are back on track and excited about the direction of their life, many clients choose to maintain an ongoing relationship with Kirsty, either through mentoring or by taking one of her classes.